July 2018 Newsletter

1. To keep your dog safe during these Dog Days of Summer watch for signs of hyperthermia and never leave your dog in the car.  The heat is far more stressful for dogs than humans and can be deadly.  For more info: https://www.petmd.com/blogs/thedailyvet/pmahaney/2012/july/risky_dog_days_of_summer-26515

2. Please remember that the stream is NOT part of the Shirlington dog park and is not enclosed on the far bank.  Four Mile Run is an urban stream that at any time can carry a variety of pollutants as well as debris that can harm your dog and you.  For more info please visit:     https://parks.arlingtonva.us/parksfacilities/dog-parks/dog-play-stream/

3. New District Brewing Company located near the dog park on S. Oakland St. began a New District Dog Club Pilot for those interested in bringing their non-service dogs into the brewery.  A portion of the membership fee to the New District Dog Club will be donated to Shirlington Dogs II.  Visit their site for information:

Remember that NO food or alcohol is allowed in the dog park at any time.

4.  The Animal Welfare League of Arlington provides numerous services for pet owners as well as adoptions.  These include low cost spay/neuter programs and a pet food bank.  For more info: https://www.awla.org/