December Newsletter

1.  Recent Dog Attacks

Regarding the recent dog attacks in the park, Arlington Animal Control is garnering all the supportive documents to present this case to the commonwealth’s attorney to place restrictions on the owner and his dog.  If you or your dog has been attacked or if you were a witness to an attack please email Animal Control at to provide your contact information, time and place of the attack and as much descriptions as you can.  Remember that any dog attack must be reported immediately to them at 703-931-9241.

2.  Dog Park Closed at Dark

The Shirlington Dog Park closes 30 minutes after sunset.  Everyone and their dogs MUST be out of the park by then.  This needs to be enforced for your safety and the well being of the park.  The closest dog park that has lights and is open later is Ft Bernard, which is up the hill on Walter Reed Drive.  See the Resources page for details and list of other dog parks open later.

3.  Plastic bags Needed

We are in need of clean plastic bags such as those your newspaper comes in, for use in picking up dog poop.  Please bring the bags to the park and place in either of the two green mail boxes at either end of the park.  If they are already full, please place in an outer bag and hang on the shed door handle.

4.  Happy Holidays

Wishing you and your pups very happy and safe holidays!