March 2018 Newsletter UPDATED

1.    The dog park will be closed including the small dog area Tuesday morning, March 27, 8:00 AM to noon for maintenance and to remove the fallen tree.  This was rescheduled due to the recent snow.  Please "join" to receive important dog park news.

2.    County contractors will be treating an invasive species, Lesser Celandine, along the Four Mile Run Stream outside the fence of the Shirlington Dog Park during the week of March 12th.  The areas treated with herbicide will have signs posted to notify park users.  There should be no danger to dogs or people inside the dog park. Please be aware that we are requesting everyone not to walk along the outside of the fence at all times anyway to reduce erosion of the stream bank and for your safety.

3.    DC Paws Rescue Group is hosting a pet adoption event at Dogma in the Shirlington Village on March 18, noon to 2:00PM.

4.    Animal Welfare League of Arlington hosts their monthly Low-Cost Rabies & Microchip Clinic March 22, 6:30PM - 8:30PM.

5.    Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is hosting a Pet & Animal Care Spring Camp for students, ages 8-12, March 26-30. More info:

6.    Please be advised the Shirlington Dog Park closes 30 minutes after sunset.  Everyone and their dogs MUST be out of the park by then.  The closest dog park that has lights and is open later is Ft Bernard, which is up the hill on Walter Reed Drive.  See the link on our site for details and list of other dog parks that are open later.