April 2019 Newsletter

1. Spring Clean-up and Fund Raiser:
Mark your calendars for May 4 and 5 as the dog park will have its spring cleanup and fund raising weekend.  Come show your support by participating in the cleanup starting at 10:00 AM both days.  We will also be collecting donations all day and will have dog park magnets available for purchase. You can also make a donation anytime at our web site: http://www.ShirlingtonDogs.org

2. We are looking for someone to help with filling the poop bag dispensers one day a week.  If you are already coming to the dog park regularly please consider volunteering a small amount of your time to support the park.  Your dog will thank you.  If interested and for more information, please contact Keith at: info@shirlingtondogs.org or 703-909-3663.

3. New 2-hour limit parking meters have been installed for the spaces facing the stream near the Oakland St entrance to the dog park.  This is part of the overall parking plan for the area to encourage turnover thus allowing more spaces to be available and prevent vehicles from taking up a space all day.  You can use the ParkMobile app on the new meters and they take coins as well.  The other spaces immediately adjacent remain free with 2-hour limits.  Click here to see the plan. Please always check the signs when you park to avoid a ticket.