June 2019 Newsletter

1. Possible new dog park in South Arlington: There is an effort underway to place a dog park on the southeast corner of Eads Park, along Fort Scott Dr. and S. Eads St.  Any additional dog park in the area is vitally needed.  Please voice your support, particularly if you live near that area, by emailing Robert Hyde: robghyde@gmail.com

2. Stream safety:  Now that it is summer more of you will want to go down to the stream with your dog.  Remember that the stream is NOT part of the Shirlington Dog Park and can be dangerous. Four Mile Run is an urban stream that at any time can carry a variety of pollutants as well as debris that can harm your dog and you. For more info please visit: https://parks.arlingtonva.us/parksfacilities/dog-parks/dog-play-stream/

3.  To prevent further erosion of the stream bank and the dog park please do not walk along the bank outside of the fence bordering the park.  Signs are posted on either end of the park. 

4.  The Arlington Philharmonic hosts a concert on Friday, June 28 at 8:00 PM at the Lubber Run Amphitheater.  This is a free concert where your well-behaved dogs are welcome.  For more info visit: http://www.arlingtonphilharmonic.org/

5. Several car keys and fobs have been found.  If you have lost yours in the park contact us at info@shirlingtondogs.org