July 2019 Newsletter

1.  A new dog park near Pentagon City? To show your support and to learn more details about having a dog park in the Pentagon City area, please attend the Aurora Highlands Civic Association meeting on Wednesday, July 17, 7pm, at the Aurora Hills Library, 735 18thSt. South, Arlington, 22202.  
Questions contact: Lowelldoggie@outlook.com

2.  Keep gates closed:  Please be considerate and make sure the gates leading to the stream and those at the park entrances are closed behind you.

3. Stream safety:  Remember that the stream is NOT part of the Shirlington Dog Park and can be dangerous. Four Mile Run is an urban stream that at any time can carry a variety of pollutants as well as debris that can harm your dog and you.  For more info please visit:

4. Pick up after your dogs.  Far too many people are not picking up after their dogs. Park users are totally responsible for picking up dog waste and trash. It is important to keep your dog in sight at all times and to remind those who have not picked up after their dogs. We cannot expect county support of the dog park if it is not kept clean.

5.  To keep your dog safe during these hot summer days watch for signs of hyperthermia and NEVER leave your dog in the car.  The heat is far more stressful for dogs and can be deadly. For more info: https://www.petmd.com/blogs/thedailyvet/pmahaney/2012/july/risky_dog_days_of_summer-26515